Exhibits and expos

China has multiple specialized fairs, in different sectors. Whether you want to attend as a buyer or exhibitor/seller; We have options for you.

As a buyer

  • We will help you select the event that suits you best so you can find suppliers in your sector.

  • We will support you with the management of procedures to obtain the invitation letter, necessary for the VISA process.

  • You can also choose to hire our Mission or Interpreter service, so one of our executives can accompany you during your visit.

  • We will support with the purchase of passes to enter the event.

As an exhibitor/seller

  •   Fairs and expos are great places to meet potential customers and find business opportunities.

  • We advise you to choose the event that will offer you the best opportunities.

  • We will advise you and help you: determine costs, hire the space (stand), translate information for promotional materials, print materials in China, send to do promotional, hire hostesses and more.

  • We can even take care of the Stand for you, so you don’t have to travel all the way to China.Support you with sending samples (Subject to the type of merchandise you wish to send)

Contact us and we will gladly tell you what events are for your sector, on what dates and what you require to participate.