Looking for a Chinese product or supplier?

We will find trustworthy suppliers for any kind of products. We will look them up, stablished contact, get quotations, negotiate the best possible prices and trade conditions, do background research on the company, validate that their tax registration is valid and current, check that the company is not blacklisted by Chinese, request catalogues, and much more.

We will deliver to you a detailed report with the profiles of the chosen suppliers with all above information, plus contact details so you can follow up on the matter.

Even if our company is not located in Mexico, this service is available for clients/buyers from any country.

As a Buyer/importer you may ask, why should you contact sellers through us and not directly. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Expertise: We have over 15 years of experience dealing with Chinese Suppliers and over 10 years directly importing products from China into Mexico. Therefore, we know about import laws, restrictions, negotiations, logistics and much more.
  2. Language Barrier: All of our staff speaks English, main way to communicate with China. Plus, we have some staff who also speaks Chinese mandarin. We also have interpreters and translators in our team.
  3. Business Protocol: China’s business style and protocol is peculiar and very different from that of the USA or Mexico. We have tons of experience, and these differences are easy to manage for our staff.
  4. Lower Costs: Traveling to China is expensive and complicated; so in order to check up you machinery or goods it is cheaper to have us visit the warehouse to inspect the item, than to visit China yourself.
  5. Safety: We have access to Chinese data base that allows us to confirm if a company is legally established in China; we also have auditors and inspector all over China, so we can conduct Quality Inspections on your behalf. Don’t risk getting defective goods or buying from a suspicious company, we can help you.
  6. Privacy: Chinese buyers are very pushy, if you decide not to buy, you won’t get harassed by eager sellers, and they won’t have your contact details, we will filter all the messages and ensure that you only receive the important ones.
  7. Presence: We have a registered company in Hong Kong and representatives in Mainland China

Basic Report

  • This is our cheaper option, recommended if you only want to know pricing.
  • Basic Report will include: company profile, contact details, pricing (PI), Product Details and E-Catalogue (if available)

Download Sample Report:

Detailed Report

  • Recommended if you want a detailed research on the Supplier and DDP costs.
  • Detailed Report will include: detailed company profile, business license record check, contact details, pricing (PI), Product Details and E-Catalogue (if available)

Download Sample Report:

Supplier development process

Finding Potential suppliers

Research & Negotiations

Choosing Best Supplier(s)

Writing & Delivering the Report